It's All About Megan Hardie
By Kerstin Middleton, '10

Those who have met Megan Hardie know that she is an extremely kind hearted, talkative, and outdoorsy woman. She grew up in Grantville PA, just outside of Hershey and has been at Proctor for the past ten years. She works as a science teacher here and is a dorm parent in Mac House. I was lucky enough to be granted the opportunity to look deeper into the creative mind and past history of Mrs. Hardie. 

     Megan's home town played a great part into forming who she is today. Megan described her home town as busy yet fun because of all the crazy neighborhood friends she had. She remembers having animals and spending lots of time outdoors playing in the snow and chasing lightning bugs late into the summer night. She truly enjoyed her childhood and would go back in an instant if she could. 

Just like every other kid in the world, Megan did not grow up without dreams of her own. She dreamed about becoming a singer, physical therapist, and a professional horseback rider. She also enjoyed art so she thought of becoming an art teacher. Like most kids she dreamed of becoming a doctor or traveling the world pursuing all of her life long hopes and dreams. 

     When I asked Megan if there was an event in her life that ultimately changed her or made her who she is, she was unable to come up with just one event, but instead many. She listed many events like first meeting and marrying her husband Brad, her parents getting a divorce, playing collegiate basketball or meeting, riding, and caring for her crazy old horse. All these things helped her become the person she is today - looked up to by lots of people within the Proctor community!

Megan in science class
Megan is upbeat