Proctor Pulse - Fall '13

Proctor's fall Journalism class brings you an installment of our writing.  This site is an organic "working newsroom" where the writing is shared, shaped, and edited - an ongoing process where some articles continue to evolve. We strive for authentic stories that explore Proctor and our world.  Click on a link and enjoy.  Please comment and tell us what you think!

Proctor Pulse Vol 1

About the Authors:
Sam Jaxtimer is a four year senior from Osterville, MA.
Jacob Lloyd is a PG from Wales, UK.
Margot Levey is a senior from Moretown, VT
Nicola Bush is a senior from Belmont, MA.
Nhung Nguyen is a senior from Hanoi, Vietnam.
Laura Christie is a senior from Hudson, MA.
Connor Hollenbaugh is a senior from Summit, NJ.

Bobbie Bao is a senior from Beijing, China.

Jonathan Goodnow is a senior from Wilmot, NH.
What I learned from...