Writing from Journalism, Fall '12
Proctor's fall Journalism class brings you an installment of our writing.  This site is an organic "working newsroom" where the writing is shared, shaped, and edited - an ongoing process where some articles continue to evolve. We strive for authentic stories that explore Proctor and our world.  Click on a link and enjoy.  Please comment and tell us what you think!

Jack MaClarence is a three year senior from Albany, NY who lives for good rides with friends.

"Proctor mountain biking has become a power house in just three short years."

Proctor Mountain Biking

Helen Denning, a three year senior and resident of Eco dorm, likes nothing more or less than a good British cup of tea and a chinwag with happy, good natured folks.  
All three of her articles are included here!

"At night, if one was to venture into Slocumb Hall, one might hear the whirr of the throwing wheel..."
Slocumb Hall

Read Denning's scrutiny of artificial turf:
Turf Pellets

Joanne Louie is a two-year senior from Hong Kong and notes herself as a "Hong Kong-nese."

"Are Asians smart?"
Asians at Proctor

Jackson Buscher is a 2 year senior who enjoys making snow angels and keeping it real.

"Most people know him as a joke telling one liner in assembly."
Bill Wightman Profile

When is Enough Too Much?  Homework at Proctor.

East Vs. West

Zack Kessler is a three year "super" senior from New Jersey who gets you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

“Now that the Hornet has been officially retired as Proctor Academy’s mascot, what will become the new face of Proctor?”

Connor Saunders is a four year senior who enjoys running cross country and studying American history.

"Proctor's academic curriculum is strictly college prepatory."

Proctor is a Prep School

Kyle Corda is a three year senior. He loves racing mountain bikes and creating metal sculptures.

"There is something mysterious about the art of metalworking."


Devon Webster is a four year senior at Proctor Academy who enjoys quilting and wandering in the woods
"When my name was called in assembly..."

 Leading the School

Andrew Pehl is a four year senior from Lincoln Mass. He enjoys soccer and Texas Hold'em.

Proctor Solar Panels

Proctor Journalism
The sculptor