More Fall Journalism Insights
Proctor's fall Journalism class brings you an installment of our writing.  This site is an organic "working newsroom" where the writing is shared, shaped, and edited - an ongoing process where some articles continue to evolve. We strive for authentic stories that explore Proctor and our world for a real audience.  Click on a link and enjoy.  Please comment and tell us what you think!

Jen Ellms is a 4 year senior from New London. She enjoys horseback riding and watching spongebob.
Has The Legend Returned? 
   “Everyone knows of the infamous Jake Hines.”

Hannah More is a four year senior who was home-schooled all her life before coming to Proctor.  
Getting Euro Ready
“European Classroom is back with Dave and Jen Fleming...”

Aleks Mrvic
Technology: The ongoing “Cycle”
“We are living in a time of constant innovation and achievement.”

Nat Mullen is a senior.  His edgy description was edited by his teacher.
Moon Master
“A modern day renaissance man, Michael Benevento speaks on loitering, dorm life, and his journey to the moon.”

Derrick Nowell is a captain of the Proctor Academy football team and enjoys NHL sessions.
Student, Athlete, and Musician : The Man on a Mission, Chris Allen
“With a life full of academics, socializing and athletics, it is a wonder how big man on campus Chris Allen can manage his life with all of the pressures of his academic career.”

Adam Silverstein is a genuine man that uses his delightful personality to charm every one that he meets.
Live Free (of Technology) or Die?
“I was in a deep sleep dreaming of something I have always wanted to do: live freely in the the northern woods on nothing but the bare essentials.”

Jen Discovers a "legacy"
Hannah will live in France this winter...
Aleks: "unplugged" in Spain
Nat profiles his mate Mike
Derrick, aka "Jamboy"
Adam: technology by his side