Wednesday Musings
To share fragments of thoughts and our faces, the fall Journalism class was given a few minutes for a “free write” on a recent Wednesday morning.  Here is a sentence of their writing and then we went outside to show you who we are.  
Some musings on college, weather, lack of sleep, sports....

Then the starter says go and for some reason I don't even notice it and I fall a quarter of a second behind, then I give up, I’m finished, cuput, I'm just a sack of potatoes.   Adam
So I remind myself on this gloomy day that there will soon be another day where the sun will be shining.    Hannah

If I will get in to college or not, I do not know, but either way, my life will be radically different.     Dan.
Today was my first morning at Proctor in which I overslept.  Rylee

As it gets colder and the ground turns solid, I cannot help but to set
goals and be more than ready for this ski season.  Aleks
Today is a gloomy day, the sun refuses to reach out from the clouded layers in the sky.   Jack
Throughout my Proctor experience their have been ups and downs, but overall I feel as though I have grown as a person and discovered a bit more about who I will become.    Brad
The brightly colored falling leaves remind me of a ticking clock, counting down to winter; slowly but surely I embrace this time of seasonal change.    Patrick

It might be weird to other people, but all I want to do is run around the room!!!!  Emilee
Rain, after rain. Day, after day....Will we get a break? Not on this Wednesday.   Jen

Vermont Academy this year, is no team of the past.    Derrick
They say there is a silver lining in the sky to each cloud but if you look out side on this dark cloudy day instead of a silver lining  there are bright leaves scattered on the ground.     Lacey
It is still outside, nothing moving except for the occasional leaf falling from the tree or the ruffle of leaves in the breeze.    Rae

We looked for inspiration in bright fall leaves...
or in dark places
Patrick & Jamboy
Jack, Aleks (Nat)
Derrick feelin' it, Rae
Nat. Rylee.
Emilee & Adam (sack of potatoes)
Lacey in the middle
Dafne & Dan.