Maggie Considers Technology, Birthdays
         I’ve always seen the internet as quite a simple idea, yet when you look into it, it truly isn’t simple in any way, shape, or form. You can literally type any thought, idea, or word into a search bar in a search engine and receive thousands of responses and facts. You may come to realize that using your own brain never really ever had to happen. Type for example, “how to” into a Google search bar, and down comes a list of the most visited references pages: how to tie a tie, how to cut a mango, how to draw, how to knit, and even ‘how to tell if a guy likes you.’ Yes, it is ALL there. Anything you wish to see or learn, type it into a search engine and with the tap of the ‘enter’ key, it’s all yours. The internet is pretty incredible.
            When I arrived at Proctor, the internet actually had not been a huge part of my life. Little did I know, technology was going to play quite a large role in my learning at Proctor. At my previous high school, computers were not used during class and we were strongly advised not to use them during study hall. I learned to hand write things and to manage my time based around pen and paper. At Proctor, you are guaranteed to find each and every student carrying their laptop throughout the day, to and from each class.
            Though technology teaches us much of what we know today and it is pretty remarkable how far it has taken us, I believe it is actually spinning us out of control. Ipads, iphones, touch screens; in five or so years, I fear we’ll be living on a screen the size of our thumbnails. I say, we enforce more pen and paper, less ‘enter’ key. Someone at some point in time had to know how to tell if a boy was into them, let alone discover how to cut a mango without instruction.

  Birthdays: they come every year. Why do we celebrate getting older? No doubt, everyone enjoys receiving presents, cards and possibly an excuse to eat a little cake, but why do we wait all year for one day in which we can say, “Yay! I’m this much closer to being…..even older!” Birthdays are a funny thing.
            I was never much into birthday parties when I was younger. I would be so excited at the idea of planning them, sending out the invitations, and picking a theme such as ‘Angelina Ballerina” or “Jungle Party,” but when it came down to it, the only thing I can recall about my childhood birthday parties is frustration. Someone always got the better piece of cake (usually the corner…which I would ask for from a cake that was clearly in the shape of a circle), someone’s hair was always pulled, and someone always ended up sleeping on the floor had there not been enough room on one bed. I can’t tell you how many Beanie Babies, stuffed animals, and coloring books I had received by the time I had turned ten (the biggest, bestest birthday of all, because you’re now a full two hands!).
            When you reach a certain age, birthdays seem to become less important. Last year, on my 18th birthday, I had two final exams, a lacrosse game in which my team was absolutely cremated, and it was pouring rain outside. But what it comes down to is not what you do that day or what you tear open out of  overpriced, shiny wrapping paper.  If you spend your birthday with people who care about you and make you smile, all is golden.
            Today was my 19th birthday: Yes, it’s about time I get out of high school, I’m aware. I wasn’t expecting anything grand seeing as I was to have my most packed block schedule and musical rehearsal schedule of the week as well as a few meetings here and there, not to mention I have been fighting off a fever the past few days. I awoke like it was any other day and headed to the dining hall to eat breakfast with the friends I sit with every morning. It was about an hour after I woke up that someone thought to finally say “Happy Birthday.” This actually didn’t bother me one bit. I’ve come to realize that birthdays are just another day on the calendar. No party needed, you can receive tons of hugs, smiles, Tylenol extra strength, and don’t forget the hundreds of facebook comments, still feel miserably ill at the end of the day, but still say to yourself, “This was actually fine!” So for all that gave me a hug (even the ‘air hugs’ as to not get sick), smile, or said “Happy Birthday” to me today, I thank you for making my birthday none other than a perfectly balanced glorified normal day. 

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