Maggie Hull - Thoughts from Senior Spring
Maggie Hull is a four year senior from Seattle, WA who is headed to the U of Colorado @ Boulder to study fine arts.

May 11th
     Currently, there are twenty-two days, three hours, forty-seven minutes, and forty seconds left in my Proctor career. I know this only because I keep a graduation countdown application on my dashboard that literally shows me second by second the moments slipping by until I’m on stage receiving my diploma. Earlier this evening, I stopped by Mike Henriques’ office simply to chat, and we spoke about how within a blink of our eyes, the school year will soon be over.
            I told Mike that it scared me how fast everything was going and he responded, “Yes, but it’s so exciting. You’ve got great things coming!” I completely agree with his statement, yet what is difficult for me is knowing that the reason I put the graduation countdown on my dashboard was not to feel closer to the day of departure, but to rather put into view what time I’ve got left to cherish.            
            Recently, I’ve been telling everyone how vividly I remember my first day back on campus after orientation. It was raining. I remember who I sat with at dinner that night, what we ate, which table I was sitting at, who I met in what order, and what we were all wearing. Frankly, I really have no idea of the reason I remember that evening so clearly. I have no reason to. Nothing special happened and nothing came of that night, yet I can’t stand here and question what has been so greatly engraved into my brain.
            I am left standing in Mike’s office wondering why when I look at the countdown, I feel so sad. I’ve seen three classes ahead of me put on their caps and gowns and sit in those perfectly arranged front row seats facing the stage, and yet I can’t yet picture it for myself. Is this because I feel as though that first day back on campus was literally “just yesterday,” or is it because I simply am in love with this place and never want to leave, I’m not sure. I do feel ready for college and I do feel the excitement of meeting new people and further shaping my future, but I long for that rainy day just once more when I walk to the dining hall and see the faces that I remember first being introduced to that suddenly are so familiar.
            I’ve now got twenty-two days, three hours, twenty-seven minutes, and thirty-one seconds: In these next few seconds I plan to delete this graduation countdown I keep staring at, and I plan to promise myself that for the next three weeks, I will not look at a calendar and feel sad, but know that change is inevitable and that change only brings new means of happiness for my future. 

May 15th
Choosing a Path in College

           When asked what to keep in mind when going from being a senior in high school to a freshman in college, ex Proctor faculty and current Proctor parent Mindy Bicknell responded with this advice: “Don’t lock yourself into anything.” So many high school seniors feel pressured to pick a path and follow it through their years in college, but what few understand is that picking a path right away is actually the one thing you should avoid. The college process is so stressful and intimidating to seniors because who, at the age of 17 or 18 knows exactly what they hope to do with the rest of their life?  Very few do, and those that think they know may change their minds a few years into college. I completely agree with Mindy’s statement. Don’t pick a path, but rather let your path take you where you’re meant to be taken, and at some point along the way, you’ll discover what you do and don’t enjoy studying.
     Mindy went on to say, “There are so many awesome subjects out there that you can study and people usually don’t know that they are until they stumble upon them by mistake. Let yourself pursue what you want, have fun, and what you choose will lead you to the next path in life. There is no END point.” In essence, Mindy believes that life is composed of many paths, some small, some big, but there is always another path to be taken. She herself did not declare her major until her senior year of college, and even now she is studying in nursing school and is looking at a career change.
    Stay open. Enjoy what you’re studying, and let the rest just happen.

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