A 4 Yr. Senior Reflects, Admissions, Andover Commercial Growth, Chorus in China
Proctor's winter Journalism class brings you the last installment of our writing.  This site is an organic "working newsroom" where the writing is shared, shaped, and edited - an ongoing process where some articles continue to evolve.  We are striving for authentic stories that explore our world with a real audience.  Click on a link and enjoy.  Send any comments to this page and tell us what you think!
Megan Subsick is a four year senior at Proctor Academy. She enjoys camping and fly fishing.
My Life As a Proctor Student
Four years at Proctor converts into one thousand four hundred and sixty days, thirty five thousand and forty hours, and 87, 600 minutes.” 
Fabrizio Li Gambi is from Cordoba, Argentina. He enjoys playing basketball, reading, and eating good steaks at home with friends and family. 
Andover’s Commercial Growth
“Daily, when commuters drive through Main Street, they seem to spot everything they need:...”
Josh Bennett is a four year senior from Andover who plans a career in writing.
A Day Student’s Look At Proctor Admissions 
My palms suddenly became cold and clammy.”
Cameron Lucas is a four year senior looking to finish his Proctor career in style.
Proctor Ensemble Tours China
It’s 8:15 in the morning and Kristofer Johnson calls for his students to get in formation on the Chapel risers.”

Proctor words spanning the globe...
Megan on Ocean Classroom
Cam - his height drew crowds in China