Foreign Students, Gary Peters, Gym Junkie, & Arts Head Michael Littman
 Proctor's winter Journalism class brings you another installment of our writing.  This site is an organic "working newsroom" where the writing is shared, shaped, and edited - an ongoing process where some articles continue to evolve.  We are striving for authentic stories that explore our world with a real audience.  Click on a link and enjoy.  Send any comments to this page and tell us what you think!  

Josh Bennett is currently a four year senior at Proctor Academy applying to a variety of colleges to pursue a career in writing.
Gym Junkie  
”Sam Johnson strolled into the Dining Hall that morning, like most mornings, dressed in a puffy black, polyester Burton Jacket, a pair of blue denim jeans, and black and tan DC shoes.”

 Josh's Article

Cam Lucas is a four year senior who is ready to go out with a bang!
Now I Have Everything
”It’s the end of the day and students are rushing out of Maxwell to hit the hills.”


Fabrizio Li Gambi is from Cordoba, Argentina. He enjoys playing basketball, reading, and eating good steaks at home with friends and family.
The Foreigners  
”They have crossed borders, they have taken a risk.”
Megan Subsick is a four year senior at Proctor Academy. She enjoys camping and fly fishing.
Man About Campus  
”The Maintenance team. They plow for us when it snows...”

Josh Profiles a fellow senior
Cam knows Mike
Fabrizio - a Foreigner
Megan explores Gary