About Chuck
A career iconoclast from Milton, MA, Chuck leaped at the opportunity to work at Proctor as an "intern" (no pay) when he was 25. Thirty-three years -and several Proctor careers- later, he has reinvented himself as a campus paparazzo, documenting student and faculty life from every angle. While job #1 is stewarding gifts to the school with customized web-pages, Chuck has boldly nurtured his well-known blog noire, "Chuck's Corner" with rants and unsolicited observations for the entertainment of thousands who apparently have nothing better to do.

Chuck's wife, Sarah, teaches English at Proctor. His kids, Andrew (27) and Mary (24) are alumni, and are riding the Green Line from Alston-Brighton to Copley Square.

Chuck's turn-ons are jazz piano (he plays), the rock 'n roll band Nix Other Band (he plays), cooking, sailing, the State of Wisconsin, air conditioning, vanilla extract and Epicurean excess. His cell phone has poor reception. Don't even try.