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Steve's Corner: Night Life
IG 1
With temps now in the seventies, everyone is out and about enjoying the beautiful weather. Daylight hours grow longer and students tend to stay out socializing longer. Inside and outside the Wise Center is a beehive of activity. 
IG 2
One of the many nightly activities students have been fascinated by is a game called Corn Hole. After playing a couple of times I learned that the point of the game is to toss a beanbag and have it either land on the board and stay there for one point, or have the beanbag go into the Corn Hole near the top of the board for three points. Each round the beanbags are thrown, the number of points each team makes by getting beanbags on the board or in the hole are subtracted from each other. The game is played up to a total of 21 points and can be played by 2 to 4 people. 
IG 3
IG 4
Instead of playing, some students choose to just relax, kick back, and enjoy the sun.
IG 5
Another two recently popular night games have been throwing around a frisbee or playing four-square. Four square randomly appeared one night after a recent explosion of chalk graffiti everywhere. One student had the great idea to draw out a 4 by 4 square board to play on and find a kickball. Since that moment, students have been playing during all free time. One student who should be recognized for his talent on the court is Stiles Alpeter. Stiles can do some amazing tricks. For example, when the ball landed in his square one time, instead of just punching it into another square, Stiles decided to do a behind-the-back spin move to finish someone off.
IG 6
IG 8
When it's raining, there is always the Wise Center space. Downstairs are tables and couches where students sit to socialize or watch TV. Or there can be events in the downstairs of the Wise like music performances. Students play music on the speakers and order food from Ed if they are hungry after dining hall hours. Upstairs are a pool table, a ping pong table, an air hockey table, and two foosball tables. 
IG 7
IG 9
Off course socializing is not everything; many students sacrifice free time to study and work on homework. From the library to dorm rooms students can be found working hard on their assignments.
IG 10
IG 11
Another popular night life activity is climbing trees and poles. Someone is always up in a tree hanging out or reading a book.
IG 12
TG 1
TG 2
TG 3 copy
TG 4
TG 5
Ky enjoying the dandelions.
TG 6
Stuart on his new mini bike.
TG 7
TG 8
TG 9
TG 10
TG 11
It's a newt!
TG 12
TG 13
TG 14
TG 15
The bobcat that was on campus last week.