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Off-Campus Programs
While in the past, this blog has featured updates from off-campus programs, the increased presence of Proctor in Spain, European Art Classroom and Mountain Classroom via their own blogs has afforded the community far more depth into the happenings in each of these programs.

Photo credit Morgan Koenig

Just yesterday, Sam '13 shared her thoughts from European Art Classroom in this blog post. All reports back from the group traveling, studying art history and culture and practicing their own art have been incredibly positive, as students continue to stretch their comfort zones, learn new skills and embrace new experiences.

Photo credit Bowen Brinegar

Early this morning, Mikaela and Ryan (Proctor en Segovia program directors) shared this post with outstanding images and reflections by many of the students studying in Segovia this term. A recent email conversation with an advisee studying in Spain this term elicited the following remarks, "This term has been so good for me. My confidence in speaking Spanish and in navigating life in a different culture have grown so much!"

Photo credit Bowen Brinegar

While it would seem Mountain Classroom's remote nature would make on-going communication more difficult, access to a satellite card and the tremendous photography of co-leader Chris Farrell has provided for tremendous blogposts from students traveling and studying cultural issues in the American Southwest. To read Jeremy and Ben's most recent blog post about studying border issues in the American Southwest, visit the Mountain Classroom blog here, and to see a complete collection of photography from this winter's trip, visit the Mountain Classroom Flickr page here.

Photo credit Chris Farrell

As students on campus return from Bonus Weekend this evening, the final stretch of the Winter Term is in sight. For the thirty students spending their winter months studying off-campus, the next four weeks will undoubtedly be memorable, shaping not only their Proctor experience, but their life experience as well. To learn more about Proctor's off-campus programs and their transformational nature, visit Proctor's Experiential Learning landing page.
Mountain Classroom students just finished a river trip on the Rio Grande and are now in the midst of studying border control issues in El Paso, Texas. (Photo credit Chris Farrell)
Proctor's experiential programs allow students to live in the places about which they are learning; improving not only their understanding of content, but their understanding of the complex issues that shape the content they are studying. (Photo credit Chris Farrell)
While we certainly miss all of our advisees who are studying abroad, their experiences in these programs are life changing. (Photo credit David Fleming)
With just four weeks remaining in the Winter Term, students on and off campus will be incredibly busy building new skills, discovering new passions, and engaging fully with issues that will shape their lives. (Photo credit David Fleming)