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A Ninth Grade Perspective
Monday marks the mid-point in the academic year at Proctor Academy, and for sixty ninth graders, the 1/8th point in their Proctor careers. As we highlighted this fall, Proctor seeks to introduce its youngest students to all facets of school life through the Freshman Seminar program, an integrated ninth grade curriculum targeting the academic, social, physical and emotional well-being of students. Today's blog post comes directly from three of those ninth graders who are starting to feel very 'at home' on Proctor's campus.

Terry Stoecker was kind enough to share her Freshman Seminar students with me this past week where I gave them a simple prompt: How do you feel now that you are midway through your freshman year at Proctor? Their responses below provide tremendous insights into not only how talented our ninth graders are, but what excellent perspective they provide. Thank you to Jamie, Jay, and Patrick for being a part of this blog!

Jamie reflects on her first few months at Proctor with tremendous enthusiasm for her overall experience to date, "Honestly I feel on cloud nine as I reflect on my time at Proctor halfway through my freshman year. My classes are smaller than my previous school and I have more of the teacher's attention in class. I am able to talk through problems with my teachers and am able to get help on the stuff I am really struggling with. I have also developed a stronger relationship with a majority of my teachers by going to extra help and just seeing them around campus and as dorm parents." 

Jamie goes on to express her appreciation for Proctor exposing her to new adventures as well, "So far this year I have played soccer and I am now playing ice hockey.  Those have always been my main sports, but now that I have come to Proctor, I have realized how much I love being outside and decided to take up cycling in the spring.  You will discover a new talent every day you are here and the opportunities Proctor will share with you are ones you will never forget.  

A first year student from Korea, Jay reflects in a similar way on his first days at Proctor, "When I first came back from orientation, I was nervous. Even though I enjoyed the orientation, starting in a new school in a new country was stressful. However, now, halfway through the school year, I am totally satisfied with Proctor’s academic system. Teachers try their best to give students the best education possible by giving extra help sessions at night and having high expectations in classes. Even though I wish I could have extra help from my teachers every night, I am beginning to realize the importance of self discipline to finish the homework ahead of time and to use my time  effectively."

Fellow ninth grader, Patrick, writes, "Proctor has countless opportunities, both from an academic and athletic standpoint. Classes are interactive and teachers are concerned and dedicated to see that you are able to find success. There is not a single teacher who I do not get along with, both in and out of the classroom. Teachers are always reachable and there to help you. Classes are both challenging and rewarding, which is a much different experience from my previous school."

Patrick goes on to express his appreciation for the holistic approach to education here at Proctor, "In addition to Proctor’s outstanding academic program, the athletic program is just as extensive. Not only does Proctor offer traditional sports like Football, Soccer, and Hockey, but it also offers competitive Mountain Biking, Skiing, and Cycling. Proctor has allowed me to pursue to my goals in Mountain Biking and Cycling, with coaches who are not just concerned with my athletic success, but also my academic success."

While adjusting to a new school can be challenging, especially as a ninth grader, it is encouraging to read the honest responses of three ninth graders who have had an overwhelmingly positive experience during their first five months at Proctor.

Perhaps most exciting, however, is the excitement these students have for their future at Proctor. As Jay writes, "So far, I am very happy at Proctor, but I think the real advantage of Proctor will appear when I attend the out campus programs. I’m already excited by just planning to go Mountain Classroom as a junior!"

A big thank you to Terry Stoecker's Freshman Seminar classes and especially to Jay, Patrick, and Jamie for sharing their personal experiences at Proctor!
When asked about their first five months at Proctor, this year's ninth grade class offered insightful thoughts.
Jamie says, "I've been on cloud nine since coming to Proctor...classes, sports, and friends have made this feel like home."
Patrick acknowledges that his coaches in mountain biking and skiing have been as concerned about his academic progress as his athletic success.
This group of ninth graders has immediately become involved in a variety of extra curricular activities, from theater to music to student leadership.
Perhaps most exciting for this group of students is not what they have done so far at Proctor, but what they have to look forward to during the next three and a half years!