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World History Exhibits
World History students have worked hard over the past month studying the relationship between the individual and society. In a boarding school environment, we all deal with this question on a daily basis as we seek to balance individual and community needs.

For a culminating project, students created exhibits around campus symbolizing their relationship with society, sparking discussion among all members of the community throughout the week leading up to today's open presentations of exhibits and artist statements.

As a casual observer (obviously with this blog post in mind) I continue to be impressed by the depth of creativity expressed by our students. We are reminded that when given the freedom to demonstrate understanding through a variety of assessments, students exceed our expectations by approaching learning from a perspective we would have never thought to explore.

The short video below (recently posted to Proctor's homepage) reiterates how articulate, self-aware, and forward-thinking our ninth graders are when it comes to understanding the potential held within their Proctor experiences.

World History students observe each other's final presentations exploring the relationship between the individual and society.
Students impressed their peers, faculty, staff, administrators and parents who toured the exhibits this evening.
Chase uses dominoes to demonstrate support of individuals by other individuals creating strength in society.
Taylor's project utilized panels to represent the increasing pull of Hitler's leadership during economic collapse and the subjugation of individuals in 1930s Germany.
Encouraging students to freely demonstrate learning through projects like these not only showcases student creativity, but also illustrates the diversity of perspectives within a given class.
Thank you to Lynne Kenney and her World History classes for sharing their work with the community today!