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Healthy Risk?
As we enter the month of May, the Class of 2013 nears the end of its Proctor experience, and for the nearly seventy graduating seniors taking part in Senior Project Friday marks their final day of classes.

Last spring, I wrote this piece highlighting the false dichotomies associated with support and rigor as it applies to culminating experiences for many of our seniors. One line in the post read, "Senior Project and AP Exams once again remind us of Proctor's unique ability to inextricably tie academic rigor with experiential learning opportunities for our students. While some believe experiential learning serves as an alternative to advanced placement courses and intense academic rigor, we firmly believe the two work hand in hand to prepare our students for college and life beyond Proctor."

Senior Project serves as an experiential bookend to the journey this year's seniors embarked upon four years ago on Wilderness Orientation. But how did the pages read between orientation and senior project for this year's seniors? 

While the answer to this question is truly unique for each student, the common thread woven throughout every senior's time at Proctor is integrated experiential learning opportunities that have helped create a transformative education. The infographic below (in greater detail HERE) illustrates a few of the countless ways experiential learning plays a role in Proctor's academic curriculum. 

Friday marks the final day of classes for nearly 70 seniors as they depart for Senior Project.
While Senior Project may take any number of different directions, for all who partake, it serves as an experiential bookend to the Proctor experience.
While Inigo's Proctor experience began in September 2011 with Wilderness Orientation and will end with Senior Project over the next three weeks, his time at Proctor in between has been filled with other experiential learning opportunities.
It is during this "in between" that a student's sense of wonder is unlocked as she experiences the world around her.